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This is the first time I have tried to put a web site together. There is a lot to learn so please be patient and check back often. I will be adding items as time goes by. I have been putting together pages of Inspirational, Poems & Sayings, and Children's Pages. I hope you enjoy them.

Some graphics on this site are copyright protected and used with terms and conditions. We suggest that if there is something you would like to copy, please follow the link and go to the artist site and read their terms. We have tried to put a logo at the bottom of pages where we are using copyright graphics or sets. All logos are linked to the sites. They have worked hard on their art and we are glad to display it, but we will not be responsible if you copy it and do not meet their terms and conditions. We have tried to give credit where it is due, however there are some graphics that we do not remember where they came from. If you have an issue about anything in this site please E-mail me.

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Of coarse I have to have a brag section for our granddaughter.
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Our Precious Granddaughter


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